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Eight top tips to getting the most from your workout

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There are plenty of ways to get better results from any workout you perform. These can range from preparing your body nutritionally to getting in the right mind-set but if you want some easy tweaks that can improve your results then check out these top tips to getting the best from your workouts.
Fuel up

To really make sure you hit peak endurance levels and max out your workout, make sure you eat well beforehand. Eating high fat, sugary foods can leave you feeling queasy and leave you flagging before you hit the best part of your workout. Aim to eat something with slow release carbs and some protein about an hour before you exercise. Don’t eat too much and make sure you feed muscles with protein after strength training.
Work out with a friend

Working out with a partner can not only keep you motivated but can also encourage some healthy competition. Having a gym or training partner is also a distraction and can stop you focusing on how much effort you are putting in. Just try to pick someone who is a good role model and not someone who will tempt you to veer off course.

Working out to music with a 120-140bpm rhythm can boost the results of your training by up to 15%

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is a smart way to workout for shorter periods at greater effort to both boost your results whilst saving you time. Combining short periods of high intensity effort with ordinary training can cut your workout down by a third and continue to provide results for up to 24 hours post-workout with the HIIT ‘after-burn’.
Set goals

Exercising without goals is like steering a ship in the dark. How do you know whether you’ve achieved anything if you haven’t determined why you are exercising in the first place? Whether it’s weight loss, inches lost or to improve your general health, set some base measurements and regularly monitor how you are performing. Reaching some milestones will be a huge motivation and you will see the benefit in the way you approach your exercise regime.
Combo moves

So you want to tone your glutes and always hit lunges but you can perform the same exercise at the same time as a dumbbell curl. Choose exercises which give more than just one area of your body a workout to save time and boost the benefits.
Keep good form

If you are struggling to see the results of performing certain moves then take a moment to consider your form. It may be that you need to take a certain exercise back to basics and really focus on contracting the muscles that you are aiming to target. If you work out with a friend or in a group then ask them to look at the way you are performing the move and give you feedback. Is that plank as straight as it could be? Are you letting gravity take over on the down-movement of the push-up? Don’t sacrifice form for quantity or speed.
Add instability

Using a gym ball to basic moves like a sit-up, bench press or press-up can not only isolate those muscles specific to the exercise but also activate your core ‘twitch’ muscles giving your whole body a workout and improving balance and coordination.