fed up of guys offering to carry your shopping?
wtorek Luty 20th 2018


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Watchout #strongwoman Lifting Weights

Until recently we were carrying shopping bags from my car, up two flights of stairs and into my second floor flat would take three trips. But now thankfully damsel in distress Those days are well and truly over. Two years ago I joined an all-girl gym in west London and instantly found a real passion for 5km fast pace runs on the treadmill and strength training.

Using free weights for strength training is awesome I love lifting weights and burn That feeling watching my core strength Increasing constantly. A lot of my friends talk about how they would love it just that little bit stronger but, they have this unfounded fear That if a woman lifts weight she’s going to end up looking like a guy. „Hey, tell me about it,” it’s just so silly, at my gym we got girls from all different professions who lift weights cat walk models, college lecturers, girls who are secret escorts in London , office administration staff, chefs, bankers you name it at my gym there are #girlsthatlift from all walks of life.

Also another that I’ve noticed since I started hitting the weights and developing my physique now, I do not get the usual time waster guys trying to come on to me, this is really great for me because the kind of guys who are Attracted is a physically strong woman tend to be more serious guys.
Hey, that’s exactly what a girl like me needs; no more time wasters with a trail of 10 baby moms behind them!